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Sources: Trump Admin. Officials Considering Replacing National Security Advisor John Bolton With Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, Who Would Do Both Jobs; Trump Admin. Considering Double Tapping Pompeo For National Security Adviser, Secretary Of State; New CNN Poll: One Night Before Third Dem Debate, Biden Leads Field; Warren, Sanders Virtually tied; Supreme Court Clears The Way For New Asylum Restrictions To Take Effect Nationwide While Appeal Process Plays Out; Pres. Trump Loses Big To 2020 Dem Field In New Pol; One-On-One With Samantha Power; New Wash. Post/ABC Poll: Pres. Trump Trails Several Democratic Candidates In Head-To_Head Matchups; Pres. Trump On New Wash. Post/ABC News Poll: "This Is A Phony Suppression Poll" (It's Not); Exclusive: NY Prosecutors Meet With Michael Cohen In Prison; Seek Details On Trump Organization's Hush Money Payments; Trump Admin. Moves To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes; Trump Administration Moves To Ban Flavored E-cigarettes Amid 6 Deaths, 450+ Illnesses Possibly Linked To Vaping; 18th Anniversary of 9/11 via Knit

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