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State Department Inspector General Requests "Urgent" Capitol Hill Briefing Tomorrow Afternoon On Ukraine Docs; Sources: Pres. Trump's Former Ukraine Envoy Still Plans To Appear At Deposition Thursday, Despite Pompeo Letter; NY Times: Pres. Trump Suggested Shooting Migrants In The Legs, Putting Snakes Or Alligators In Water-Filled Trench At Border; Source: IG's Request For Urgent Briefing Is "Highly Unusual"; State Dept. IG Requests "Urgent" Meeting On The Hill Tomorrow; Comes After Pompeo Accuses Dems Of Bullying; House Committee Chairmen To Pompeo: Stop "Intimidating" Witnesses; Liver Donation For Nusayba via Knit

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Who's This Steve Bannon Guy?; Book: Bannon Calls Trump Tower Russia Meeting Treasonous;  Manafort Sues DOJ, Special Counsel Over Russia Probe; Book: Bannon Says Don Jr. Will Crack Like An Egg In Russia Probe;CNN: Pres' Trump's Explosive Two Days Fuele
January 3, 2018