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House Judiciary Chair Demands ATTY. General Barr Release Any Summaries Of Mueller Report Prepared By Special Counsel's Team; Nadler Demands DOJ Release Communications Between Attorney General And Mueller's Office; In Bid To Stay Out Of Jail, Michael Cohen Tells Congress He Has Accessed More Documents, Offers New Assistance To Investigators; Pres. Trump On Releasing His Tax Returns: "Speak To My Lawyers;" NY Times: President Asked That Confirmation Of IRS Counsel Be A Priority; Pres. Trump Walks Back Threat To Close Border, Giving Mexico A "1-Year Warning," Pres. Trump's Tricky Relationship With The Truth; Art Of The Deal Co-Author: Trump "Doesn't Make A Distinction Between What's True And What's False;" Pres. Trump To Recommend Former GOP Presidential Hopeful Hermain Cain For A Seat On Federal Reserve via Knit

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