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Anthony Scaramucci Speaks Out; Conspiracy Theorist-In-Chief; Andrew Yang Breaks Down Over Gun Violence; Pres. Trump Promotes Epstein-Clintons Conspiracy Theory, The Latest In A Pattern Of Baseless Claims Spread By The President; Feds Charge Friend Of Dayton Mass Shooter, Say He Bough 100-Round Magazine, Body Armor Used In Attack; Andrew Yang Brought To Tears At Gun Safety Town Hall; Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Urges New Gun Control, Explains Tearful Moment In Iowa; New Details In Epstein Death Investigation; NY Times: One Of Jeffrey Epstein's 2 Jail Guards Was A Substitute, Not A Full-Fledged Correctional Officer; Trump Admin. Announces New Rule That Could Limit Legal immigration; Trump Administration Moves To Make Citizenship More Difficult For Immigrants Who Receive Medicaid, Foods Stamps Or Housing Assistance; Trump Administration Announces New Rule That Would Use Financial Status As One Benchmark For Green Card Approval; "Meaningful Background Checks"? via Knit

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