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Defense Dept. Official Wraps Up Testimony After Republicans Storm Deposition, Causing Delay; House Republicans Storm Closed-Door Impeachment Deposition; Source: Pres. Trump Had Advance Knowledge; Source: Ukraine's President Felt Pressure From Trump Admin. And Giuliani To Launch Probes Before Inauguration; House Democrats' Legal Strategy On Impeachment; Democrats Plot Next Move In Impeachment Inquiry; Sources: Giuliani Seeking Defense Attorney; Indicted Giuliani Associates In Court; Indicted Giuliani Associates Plead Not Guilty To Campaign Finances Charges, One Raises Possibility Of Executive Privilege; Reality Check On Syria; Pres. Trump's Envoy Accuses Turkish-Backed Forces Of "War Crimes"; U.S. Envoy: There Are "Now Over 100" Escaped ISIS Fighters via Knit

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