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Full House To Vote On Impeachment Inquiry Thursday; WH: "Secret, Shady, Closed Door Depositions Are Completely And Irreversibly Illegitimate"; White House Reaction To Thursday's Impeachment Vote; An Inside Look At The Raid That Killed ISI Leader Al-Baghdadi; New Details On U.S. Raid; New Details On Raid By U.S. Special Forces That Led To The Death Of ISIS Leader; ISIS Informant Helped Confirm Al-Baghdadi's Location, DNA; Key Informant Helped Confirm Baghdadi's Location; Key Informant Obtained ISIS Leader's Underwear, Blood Sample To Confirm His Identity Before Raid Took Place; Pentagon: Videos, Photos Of Baghdadi Raid To Be Released; What It's Like Being Blind-Sided By A President; Pres. Trump Hails U.S. Military Raid That Led To Death Of ISIS Leader; Former Staffer For Defense Secretary Mattis Tells All; Crowd Boos President Trump; Foul Ball; Pres. Trump Booed By World Series Crowd, Fans Chant "Lock Him Up" via Knit

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