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Tom Friedman On Pres. Trump's Week Of Reversals; Friedman: If Trump Were A CEO He'd Be Gone; Pres. Trump To Jewish Americans: "If You Vote For A Democrat, You're Very, Very Disloyal To Israel And To The Jewish People"; Pres. Trump Threatens To Release Thousands Of Captured ISIS Fighters To Europe; Tom Friedman On The State Of The Republican Party; WH Official: Pres. Trump Brief On Gun Control Options; Mixed Messages From Pres. Trump On Gun Background Checks; WH Official: White House Preparing Gun Proposals To Be Unveiled As Congress Returns From Recess, Unclear What's Under Consideration; WH Official: Pres. Trump Briefed On Proposals To Address Mass Shootings; Pres. Trump Embraces Title Of "King Of Israel"; Pres. Trump: "I'm The Chosen One" To Confront China On Trade; Pres. Trump Embraces Title Of "King Of Israel" via Knit

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