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New Impeachment Witness Testimony Just Released Less Than 48 Hours Before Public Hearings Begin; Pentagon Official Corroborated Ukraine Aid Tied To Pres. Trump's Demand For Biden Investigation; Pentagon Official Testified There Was Concern Freeze On Ukraine Military Aid Might Be Illegal; Pentagon Official: "Alarm Bells" Were Coming From Ambassador Taylor About Aid Freeze to Ukraine; Adviser: WH Put Missile Order For Ukraine On Hold; Mulvaney Concerned About Angering Russia; Exclusive Excerpts From "Anonymous Book"; Exclusive Excerpts From "Anonymous" Book On Ukraine, Military Aid; Exclusive Excerpts From "Anonymous" Book On Ukraine; Exclusive Excerpts From "Anonymous" Book On Mulvaney; Exclusive Excerpts From "Anonymous" Book On Pres. Trump; Exclusive Excerpt From "Anonymous" Book: "Barely Believable" That Pres. Trump Wanted To Combat Corruption On Ukraine; Exclusive Excerpt From "Anonymous" Book Mulvaney's "Guiding Maxim Was: Let Trump Be Trump"; Exclusive Excerpt From "Anonymous" Book: Mulvaney "Angled From Months" For Acting Chief Of Staff Job; Mulvaney Withdraws Request To Intervene In lawsuit Fighting House Subpoena Power; Mulvaney Plans To File Separate Lawsuit Over House Subpoena, Withdraws Request To Join Kupperman Lawsuit; Trump Jr. Leaves Stage While Being Heckled; Donald Trump Jr. Heckled Off Stage By Supporters Of His Father; Biden Holds Narrow Lead In New NH Poll via Knit

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