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McConnell: Will Vote On Justice Kennedy's Successor This Fall; Senate Dems Urge Delay In Voting On Kennedy's Successor As GOP Refused To Consider Pres. Obama's Pick in 2016 election year; Dem Lawmaker: Expect A "Bare-Knuckle Brawl" Over Kennedy Replacement; Democratic Divide Bursts Wide Open With Shocking Primary Upset; VP Pence On Who Will Replace Kennedy; Plans Nearly Set For Trump-Putin Meeting In Europe; Source: Former Fox News Pres. Bill Shine Accepts Top White House Job; Dept. Of Defense Receives Request for Assistance From DHS To House And Care For 12,000 Migrants via Knit

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Pres. Trump Claims No Collusion 16 Times in 1 Interview; Pres. Trump: I Have Absolute Right To Do What I Want To Do With The Justice Department; Pres. Trump: Mueller Will Treat Me Fairly; Most Of U.S. 20 To 40 Degrees Colder Than Usual On NYE
December 29, 2017