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Bob Woodward Book: Kelly Describes Pres. Trump As An "Idiot"; Mattis Says Pres. Has Understanding of A "Fifth Or Sixth Grader"; Woodward Book: Pres. Trump Thought Charlottesville Clean-Up "Biggest F***ing Mistake I've Made"; Woodward Book: Chief Of Staff Kelly Said "This Is The Worst Job I've Ever Had"; Chief Of Staff Denies Ever Calling Pres. Trump An "Idiot"; Bob Woodward: Top Trump Aides Swiped Papers Off His Desk "To Protect The Country"; Woodward Book: Pres. Trump At Least A Dozen Former And Current White House Officials Confirm To CNN That They Spoke To Woodward Pres. Trump Suggest Political Motivation Behind Woodward Book: "Notice Timing?"; White House: Woodward Book Made Up "Fabricated Stories, Many By Former Disgruntled Employees"; Pres. Trump Called Woodward To Complain He Wasn't Interviewed Book; Woodward Says He Made Several Requests; Woodward Book: After Mock Mueller Interview, Trump's Lawyer Warned President He Would End Up In An "Orange Jump Suit" via Knit

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