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Millions still without power in Florida; FEMA teams searching for anyone trapped in Keys; Irma blamed for at least 44 deaths in the Caribbean; Food, water, electricity scarce in Caribbean; White House doubles downtown Comey criticism"; Soon: Hillary Clinton on election loss, Comey intervention; Clinton on "What happened" in 2016; Clinton: I'm convinced of Russian communication with Trump campaign; Clinton: "I felt like I was on this high wire with no net"; Clinton:Trump's Inauguration speech was "So divisive"; Clinton: I did the tight thing by going to Trump's Inauguration; Clinton: Women's march lifted my spirits; Clinton agrees with Bush that Trump speech was "Some weird s**t"; Clinton: I could hear faint " Lock her up" chants at Inauguration; Clinton: I mistook Chaffetz for Priebus at Inauguration; Clinton compares Chaffetz to villain from "Les Miserables"; Clinton to Congressman: "I'm not the Anti-Christ"; Clinton won't forgive those who regret not voting; Clinton: Hard to comfort any who said "I'm sorry I didn't vote"; Clinton relies on yoga, alternate nostril breathing; Clinton blames Comey for stopping campaign momentum; Clinton expects Russian interference, other issues in 2020; Clinton on how misogyny impacted 2016 race; via Knit

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