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CNN Source: Pompeo Was Stern With Saudi Crown Prince; But Earlier He Said "I Don't Want To Talk About Any Of The Facts"; CNN Source: Pompeo Told Saudi Crown Prince "Time Is Short; Saudis Must "Own" What Happened; CNN Source: Secretary of State Pompeo Stressed To Saudi Crown Prince His Future As King Is At Stake; Wash Post: Khashoggi's Op-Ed Captures His "Passion For Freedom In The Arab World, A Freedom He Apparently Gave His Life For"; CNN: Manafort And His Lawyers Have Visited Mueller's Office At Least 9 Times In Last Month; Mueller Team Busy Behind The Scenes; Possibility Of Indictments After Midterm Elections And Report Likely By End Of The Year; Wash Post: U.S. Intelligence Suggests A Brutal Killing, Saudi Crown Prince Wanted To Silence Khashoggi; Wash Post: Trump Admin, Saudi Royals Seek Mutually Agreeable Explanation For Khashoggi's Death That Won't Implicate Crown Prince; Wash Post: U.S. Intel Shows Crown Prince Ordered Operation To Lure Khashoggi Back To Saudi Arabia; Voter ID Rules Under Scrutiny; Secret Service Defends Agent Who Blocked Reporter via Knit

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