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Pres. Trump Defends Epstein-Clintons Conspiracy Theory, The Latest In A Pattern Of Baseless Claims Spread By President; Uproar Over Trump Aide's Remarks About "Give Me Your Poor"; Pres. Trump Blinks On Tariffs; 2 Calif. Counties Sue Over New Trump Admin. Rule That Could Deny Green Cards, Citizenship To Immigrants Receiving Public Assistance; Pres. Trump Blinks On Tariffs For Some Chinese Imports, Delays Them Until December 15 For "Christmas Season"; Pres. Trump Tears Into Former WH Comms Chief Scaramucci; Pres. Trump Blasts His Former WH Communications Director; Pres. Trump On Scaramucci: "He's A Nervous, Neurotic Wreck"; Pres. Trump Blasts Former WH Communications Director After Scaramucci Pulls Support For Trump's Re-election; Max Boot On The "Trumpification Of Conservatism"; Max Boot Responds To National Review Attack; A Killer's Attack via Knit

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