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Pres. Trump: Looks Like Iran Was Behind Saudi Oil Attack; Sources: U.S. Told At Least One Middle East Ally That U.S. Intel Shows Saudi Oil Attack Likely Came From Iran; NY Prosecutors Subpoena Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; New Allegation & Outrage; NY Prosecutors Subpoena 8 Yrs. Of Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; New Allegations Against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh Set Off Pres. Trump, His Rivals; NY Times Now Says New Alleged Victim Of Justice Kavanaugh Doesn't Recall Incident; House Intelligence Committee Issues Subpoena For Whistleblower Complaint At Top Secret Government Agency; Acting DNI Faces Subpoena Deadline Tomorrow; House Intel. Demands Acting DNI Director Testify In Front Of Committee On Thursday; House Intel Committee Members Hints They Are Not Done With The Mueller Report; Pres. Trump Suggests Judiciary Committee Should Investigate Pres. Obama's Netflix And Book Deals; "SNL" Fires New Hire; "SNL" Fires New Hire Shane Gillis; A Father's Special Mission; CNN's Wajahat Ali Looking For Liver Donor For Daughter; Go To via Knit

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