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Awaiting Press Conference On Dayton Shooting; Police Chief Reads Statement From Dayton Gunman's Family; Press Conference On Dayton Shooting; Feds Taking A Central Role In Dayton Investigation, Focused On Shooter's Obsession With Violence; El Paso Suspect's Family: His Actions Were Influenced By People We Don't Know And Ideas We Don't Accept;; Will The Senate Take Action?; "I Need To Get To My Kids"; President Trump To Visit El Paso And Dayton Wednesday; Plans To Meet With Grieving Community, First Responders via Knit

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Who's This Steve Bannon Guy?; Book: Bannon Calls Trump Tower Russia Meeting Treasonous;  Manafort Sues DOJ, Special Counsel Over Russia Probe; Book: Bannon Says Don Jr. Will Crack Like An Egg In Russia Probe;CNN: Pres' Trump's Explosive Two Days Fuele

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Anderson Cooper is the anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360°, a global newscast that goes beyond the headlines with in-depth reporting and investigations. The show airs weeknights at 8:00pm ET on CNN and is simulcast to an international audience on CNN International.