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White House Flip-Flops Yet Again On Tax Cuts; White House Talking Again About Tax Cuts (After President Says They're Not); 62% Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Job Performance; 51% Disapprove Of Pres. Trump's Handling Of The Economy; Pres. Trump Attacks Ford And California Over Deal On Stricter Fuel Economy Standards; Gov. Newsom On Pres. Trump: "He's Losing, And We're Winning"; CA Gov. Newsom On Pres. Trump's Attacks On Ford: They're "Pathetic Arguments"; Gov. Newsom On President's Erratic Week: "This Is Donald Trump Feeling The Pressure"; Trump Admin. Rolls Out Proposal Allowing Indefinite Detention Of Migrant Families; Gov. Newsom: California Will File Lawsuit Against Admin. On Proposal Allowing Indefinite Detention Of Migrant Families; Can Background Checks On Gun Purchases Pass In Ohio?; Ohio's Republican Governor Promises Changes To Gun Laws; Fires In The Amazon Rainforest; Brazil's Amazon Rainforest Burns At Record Rate via Knit

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