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Can He Fix It?; Pres. Trump: NRA Is "Ready To Do Things;" Pres. Trump Supports Raising Age To Buy Rifle, NRA Rejects That: "Our Position Has Not Changed;" Pres. Trump Suggests Bonuses For Armed Teachers; Pres. Trump: "We Have To Harden Those Schools, Not Soften Them;" Pres. Trump: Gun-Free Zones Are Like Saying, "Here I Am, Take Me;" Deputy Resigns After Being Suspended; Sheriff Says He Stayed Outside As School Shooting Unfolded; Sheriff: Armed Deputy At School Did Nothing During Shooting; Mueller Files New Charges Against Manafort And Gates; Mueller's New Indictment: Former Trump Campaign Chairman And His Deputy Laundered More Than $30 Million In Income; Some Distance Now Between Sen. Rubio And The NRA; Missouri Governor Indicted For Invasion Of Privacy; Gov. Eric Greitens Indicted Amid Allegations Of Sexual Misconducted, Blackmail After An Admitted Affair; via Knit

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