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Wash. Post: White House Officials Eyeing Payroll Tax Cut In Effort To Reverse Weakening Economy; Conflicting Reports On Whether WH Considering New Tax Cut; Pres. Trump: "Scaramucci Is A highly Unstable Nut Job"; The Voter Fraud Conspiracy (Again); FEC Chair Calls Out Pres. Trump Over Baseless Voter Fraud Claims; FEC Chair To Pres. Trump: "Lay Your Cards On The Table Or Fold; Pres. Trump Backs Away From Support For Background Checks. Again.; Pres. Trump: "We Have Very Strong Background Checks Right Now"; Sen. Markley On Family Separations At The Border; One-On-One With Stacey Abrams; GOP Source: WH Instructs Surrogates How To Deflect Charges Of Racism Against Pres. Trump; Lawmakers Slam Pres. Trump, Netanyahu After Scrapped Israel Trip; Abrams On Battling Voter Suppression In 2020 And Beyond via Knit

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