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Rep. Collins Speaks After Insider Trading Charges; President's Legal Team Doesn't Want Questions it Considers a 'Perjury Trap;' Questions, Problems Around For Any Possible Pres. Trump Interview with Mueller; Manafort's Defense Hammers Away at Rick Gates' Credibility; One-on-One with Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone; Roger Stone On the Manafort Trial and Mueller Investigation; Wikileaks: Senate Intel Wants to Question Julian Assange About Russia's Interference with 2016 Election; FBI Tells Jury Manafort Had More Than $65 Million in Foreign Accounts; Trump Admin. Imposing Sanctions on Russia for Nerve Attack on Former Russian Agent and Daughter in UK; 17 Wildfires Burn Across California; Marathon Algae Bloom Kills Marine Life in Southwest Florida; via Knit

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Firm used by Trump Campaign asked Wikileaks for access to Clinton emails; Presidential claims: Good salesmanship or false advertising?; Trump weighs in on border wall prototypes
October 25, 2017