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Chinese State Media: Kim Jong Un Making Surprise Visit to Beijing; The Sound Of Silence; Storm Daniels Atty: 8 Women Have Come Forward With Similar Stories; Source Close To WH: Plan Is For Trump To Continue To Stay Silent On Stormy Daniels, Since Poll Numbers Have Not Moved; Who Is Michael Cohen; Two More Lawyers Decline To Join Trump Legal Team; Seth Rich's Brother, Parents Sue Over Conspiracy Theories; Pres. Trump Floats Notion That Pentagon Pay For Border Wall; VP Pence: "Let Me Make You A Promise. When It Comes To Building The Wall, We're Going To Build It All" via Knit

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Who's This Steve Bannon Guy?; Book: Bannon Calls Trump Tower Russia Meeting Treasonous;  Manafort Sues DOJ, Special Counsel Over Russia Probe; Book: Bannon Says Don Jr. Will Crack Like An Egg In Russia Probe;CNN: Pres' Trump's Explosive Two Days Fuele

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Anderson Cooper is the anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360°, a global newscas