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Maryland Senators Respond To Pres. Trump Attack On Rep. Elijah Cummings, Baltimore; Pres. Trump Steps Up Attacks On Baltimore And Cummings After Calling Congressman's District "Infested"; Pres. Trump Picks Loyalist, Russia Probe Critic For Intel Chief; Pres. Trump Names Congressional Loyalist For Intel Chief But Pick Draws Tepid Response From Republican Senators; Biden Up 12 Points In New Poll; Sen. Harris Loses Post Debate Bump, Down In New Polling; Democratic Debates Kick Off In Detroit In Less Than 24 Hrs; Latest On California Mass Shooting; 3 Killed, 12 Hurt In California Mass Shooting; Kushner Baltimore Properties Under Scrutiny; Pres. Trump Slams Baltimore For "Infestation" As Kushner Properties Citied For Rodents via Knit

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