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Dorian Moving North, Threatening Southeast Coast Of U.S., After 5 Killed; First Aerial Footage Shows Complete Devastation In Bahamas; Dorian Growing In Size As It Starts To Hit Florida; Parts Of Bahamas Obliterated By Hurricane Dorian; Five Killed, 13K Homes Destroyed Or Damaged; Hurricane Forecast To Move "Dangerously Close" To Florida, Georgia Coastlines; Hurricane Watch Extended To The North Carolina, Virginia Border; Flooding After Dorian Hampers Rescue Efforts In The Bahamas; New Forecast Shows Storm Threatening Carolinas, Including Charleston; About 4,300 Florida National Guard Deployed In Response To Hurricane Dorian; Hurricane Watch Extended To The North Carolina, Virginia Border; Bahamas Official Tells CNN Death Toll Likely To Rise; Coast Guard: Search For Survivors Suspended; Hurricane Death Toll Rises To 7 In Bahamas, PM Expects Number To Rise; South Carolina Prepares For Hurricane Dorian; Bahamas PM: "Parts Of Abaco Are Decimated"; New Details On Search For Victims After Deadly Boat Fire; Dive Boat Fire Rescuer Shares Eyewitness Account; Man Who Rescued Survivors Recalls Seeing Vessel In Flames: "I Was Just Totally Helpless. There Was Nothing I Could Do." via Knit

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