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Pres. Trump Once Again Claims Migrant Caravan An "Invasion"; Pres. Trump Suggests Migrant Could Be Shot For Throwing Rocks; Pres. Trump To U.S. Caravan: "When They Throw Rocks Like They Did At The Mexico Military And Police...Considerate It A Rifle"; Pres. Trump On Migrant Caravan: "Women Don't Want Them In Our Country, Women Want Security; Pres. Trump: "When I Can, I Tell The Truth"; GOP Rep. Steve King Erupts At Comparison To Pittsburgh Suspect; Facing Closer Than Expected Midterm Race; via Knit

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The elephant in the room; Candidates Moore, Jones make final pitches to Alabama voters; Four Senators calling on President Trump to resign: Gillibrand, Wyden, Booker and Merkley
December 11, 2017