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New CNN Poll: 47% Support Impeachment And Removing Pres. Trump From Office; Intelligence Inspector General Pushes Back Against Claims Whistleblower's Information Was Secondhand Or Hearsay; Source: Pompeo Was On Pres. Trump's Ukraine Phone Call; Source: Pres. Trump Pressed Australia To Help Barr Investigate Origins Of Mueller Probe; Giuliani Subpoenaed For Ukraine Docs As New CNN Poll Shows 47% Of Americans Support Impeachment, Removing President From Office; Pres. Trump: "We're Trying To Find Out" Whistleblower's Identify; Giuliani: "Subpoena Only Signed By Democrat Chairs Who Have Prejudged This Case"; President Trump Was Often Unprepared For Foreign Leader Calls, Had To Be Coached During Calls By Staff; Pres. Trump: "We're Trying To Find Out About The Whistleblower"; Giuliani Responds To Subpoena In Impeachment Inquiry, Says It "Raises Significant Issues"; House Democrats Subpoena Giuliani For Ukraine Documents; Pres. Trump's Defenders Fall Flat; Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Who Leaked The Pentagon Papers via Knit

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