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Pres. Trump's Ex-Russia Adviser: Bolton Called Giuliani A "Hand Grenade That Was Going To Blow Everybody Up"; New Testimony Directly Linking Trump To Ukraine Pressure; Pres. Trump's Ex-Russia Adviser on AMB. Sondland: He Was Involved In A "Domestic Political Errand" In Ukraine; Pres. Trump's Ex-Russia Adviser To Republican Lawmakers: Don't Promote Falsehoods That Advance Russian Interests; Impeachment Witnesses Refute GOP Talking Points; Hill Rebukes GOP For Believing "Fictional Narrative" That Ukraine, Not Russia, Interfered In 2016 Elections; Diplomat: Zelensky Said That During July 25 Call, Trump Raised "Very Sensitive Issues" Three Times; Attorney For Pres. Trump's Former Russia Expert Speaks Out; White House: Pres. Trump "Jubilant" After Today's Public Hearing; Intel Committee Member Discusses Latest Testimony; Schiff: "Nothing More Dangerous Than An Unethical President Who Believes They Are Above The Law"; Exclusive: FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation; Exclusive: Former FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation After Allegedly Altering Document In 2016 Russia Probe; "My Loyalty Is Here" via Knit

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January 1, 2018