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Sources: Biden Has Factored Into Pres. Trump's 2020 Thinking More Than Any Other Candidate; NY Times: Joe Biden Called Anita Hill Ahead Of Announcing 2020 Bid; Hill To NYT: "I'm Sorry" Not Enough For His Handling Of 1991 Hearings; Anita Hill Bashes Biden In NY Times Interview, Demands He Apologize To "Other Women" And The "American Public;" Biden Spoke With mother Of Charlottesville Victim; Biden Spoke With Mother Of Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer Today Hours After Focusing On Her Death When Declaring 2020 Bid; Could Biden's Propensity For Blunders Hurt His 2020 Bid?; Pres. Trump Denies Mueller Finding, Defies Congress; White House Rejects Democrats' Demands For Answers; Pres. Trump Denies Ordering McGahn To Fire Mueller; House Dem Request New Documents From Trump Admin; White House Blocks Subpoenas, Dems Gear Up For Fight via Knit

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