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Strzok On Being Removed From Russia Investigation: "It Is Not MY understanding That He Kicked Me Off Because Of Any Bias"; Gowdy: "I Don't Appreciate Having An FBI Agent With An Unprecedented Level of Animus Working On Two Major Investigations During 2016"; Gohmert to Strozk: How Many Times Did You Look So Innocent Into Your Wife's Eyes And Lie To Her About Lisa Page?"; Pres. Trump Makes False Claims About NATO Spending; SUN Newspaper: Pres. Trump Thinks The UK Is "Losing Its Culture" Because Of Immigration; Pres. Trump Claims Victory But Details In Dispute; NATO Summit Tensions Flare Ahead Of Trump-Putin Summit; via Knit

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U.S. Officials: Information suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians; GOP Health Care bill may lack votes for House passage; Police: At least 4 dead, 40 hurt in London terror attack<