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NYC terror attack suspect charged; terror ties investigated; FBI: Suspect chose Halloween for attack to kill more people; FBI: Suspect also planned to strike pedestrians at Brooklyn Bridge; FBI: NYC terror suspect wanted to display ISIS flag on truck and in hospital room; Tip line: 1-800-Call-FBI; Sources: Investigators are questioning second man; FBI: Suspect began planning attack one year ago, about two months ago decided to use truck; President Trump calls U.S. justice system "a joke and...laughing stock"; White House: Trump supports sending terror suspect to Gitmo; FBI: Suspect inspired to carry out truck attack by ISIS he watched on his cell phone; President Trump denies any anger over Mueller probe in call with NY Times; CNN: President Trump has fumed at the actions taken by Mueller; Manafort has three passports via Knit

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Firm used by Trump Campaign asked Wikileaks for access to Clinton emails; Presidential claims: Good salesmanship or false advertising?; Trump weighs in on border wall prototypes
October 25, 2017