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Stocks Plunge As Pres. Trump Says U.S. Firms Are "Hereby Ordered" To Look For Alternatives To China; Dow Plunges 600+ Points Amid Pres. Trump's Tweets, Jokes, Trade War; President Trump Threatens To Raise Tariffs On Chinese Goods To 30% Amid Escalating Trade War; Summit, Or Powderkeg?; The Remarkable RBG; Pres. Trump About To Depart For G7 Summit; Pres. Trump Reportedly Questioning Why He Has To Attend G7 Summit; Pres. Trump Says Russia Should Be Readmitted To G7; New Health Challenge; Justice Ginsburg Treated For Pancreatic Cancer; Evangelicals Speak Out About Pres. Trump's Conduct In Office; New Plan To Fight Amazon Rainforest Fires; Pres. Trump Offers U.S. Assistance To Fight Wildfires; Toxic Tale: Trump's Environmental Impact; "A Toxic Tale: Trump's Environmental Impact" Airs Tonight At 10PM ET via Knit

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