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Barr Answers Pres. Trump's Call To "Turn The Tables On Mueller Probe; House Panel Investigating Claim Pres. Trump's Lawyers Helped Obstruct Russia Probe By Shaping False Testimony; One-On-One With Sen. Bernie Sanders; Iowa Farmers Impacted By U.S. Trade War With China; NY Times: White House Reviews Plan Against Iran That Could Send 120,000 U.S. Troops To The Middle East; Sen. Sanders: War With Iran Would Be An "Unmitigated Disaster;" CIA, FBI, DNI Working With AG Barr To Review Russia Probe Origins; Pres. Trump Calls Escalating Trade War "A Little Squabble;" Farmers Paying The Price; Iowa Farmers: Pres. Trump's Trade Battle With China Has Dire Impact On The Ground; CNN Finds Accused War Criminal Driving For Uber; CNN Finds Accused War Criminal Driving For Uber; Remembering Tim Conway via Knit

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