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Authorities: Woman Carrying Chinese Passports Charged With Illegally Entering Pres. Trump's Mar-A-Lago; Had Four Cell Phones And Malware; Pres. Trump: I'll Close The Border If No Deal With Congress; Concerns Grow In Towns On Border Over Threat Of Shutdown; House Committee Serves Subpoenas In Security Clearance Probe; Pres. Trump Flip-Flops On Health Care; Pres. Trump Punts On Health Care Until After The 2020 Election; House Committee Serves Subpoena In Security Clearance Probe; House Committee Serves Subpoena To Former White House Official Over Security Clearances; Pres. Trump: Dems Are "Ridiculous" For Threatening Subpoenas For Full Mueller Report; Pres. Trump Weeks Ago: "Let It Come Out;" Pres. Trump: "They Say The Noise From Wind Farms Causes Cancer" via Knit

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