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Fox News Military Analyst: Torture Is Good, "It Worked On John McCain"; Fox News Military Guest Says Torture Worked On McCain: "They Call Him Songbird John"; Wrap It Up? Not So Much; Columbus Nova's Connections To Alt-Right Website Names; Company That Paid Cohen $500K And Its Connections To Alt-Right Website Names; Questions Swirl As Giuliani Leaves Law Firm, Weighs In On Cohen LLC And Cooperating With Mueller; NYT: Homeland Security Chief nearly Resigns After Trump Tirade; NY Times: Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Was On The Verge Of Resigning After Pres. Trump Berated Her; New CNN Poll: Only 17% Of Republicans Approve of Mueller; Pence Tells Mueller "It's Time To Wrap It Up"; Source: AT&T Paid Micheal Cohen $600,000; Infamous Lobbyist Weighs In On Allegations Cohen Peddled Influence, Access To Pres. Trump; via Knit

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