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Wash Post: Comey Says Trump Asked What We Could Do To "Lift The Cloud" About Salacious Tape; Wash Post: Comey Compares Trump To The Mob, "Lying About All Things, Large And Small"; Wash Post: Comey Says Trump "Seemed To Have Memorized" Allegations From "A Number Of Women; WH Officials: No Plans To Respond To Comey's Attacks Tonight; Wash Post: Comey Says Trump Asked "Whether He Seemed Like A Guy Who Needed The Service Of Prostitutes; GOP Launched "Lyin' Comey" Website As he Touts New Book Critical of Trump; Wash Post: Trump Allies Fear Feds Have Tapes Of Cohen's Conversations; Reports: Ex-Trump Doorman Paid $30K In Hush Money Case; via Knit

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