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WH Asked McGahn To Publicly Say Pres. Trump Never Obstructed Justice; NY Times: McGahn WAs Asked At Least Twice And Declined; WH Asked McGahn To Say Pres. Trump Never Obstructed Justice; Ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn Rebuffed Request To Say Pres. Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice; Source: Pres. Trump Was Upset McGahn Refused To Say The President Didn't Obstruct Justice; NYT: McGahn Declined At Least Two WH Requests To Publicly Say Trump Never Obstructed Justice, Angering Trump; Steve Bannon Gives His Take On The McGahn Breaking News; House Committee Issues Subpoenas For Pres. Trump's Tax Returns; Steve Bannon Wash. Post Op-Ed: "We're In An Economic War With China;" Steve Bannnon Wash. Post Ope-Ed: "China Has Emerged As The Greatest Economic And National Security Threat The U.S. Has Ever Faced;" Why Is Rudy Giuliani Traveling To Ukraine?; Rudy Giuliani Says He's Heading To Ukraine; Is It An Attempt To Discredit Former VP Biden?; Colorado Prosecutors Expected To Announce Charges Against Two Suspects Next Week; Remembering The Colorado School Shooting Victim via Knit

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