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Family of accused spy waits for U.S. officials to see him in Russia; Brother: detained American traveled to Moscow for wedding; Russia detains American after Russian pleads guilty in U.S.; Trump gives Pentagon 4 months for Syria troop withdrawal; CNN Sources: Trump invites hill leaders to WH to discuss wall; Dems vote Thursday on a plan to reopen government; Trump" Wall is "the biggest part" of border security; Trump attacks McChrystal after Ret. General calls him dishonest; Mother speaks after 7-yr-old daughter killed in drive-by; Police search for gunman who killed 7-year-old girl; Trump: NY Times: Trump gives Pentagon 4 months to withdraw troops; Kim Jong Un warns U.S.: do not test the North; Investors return to Wall Street with caution after brutal 2018; Will wall funding, trade war fears continue to spook investors? ; Baby rescued 35 hours after building collapsed in Russia; Five democrats who'll make life hard for Trump in 2019 via Knit

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