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House Judiciary Votes To Hold Attorney General Barr In Contempt; Nadler: "We Are Now In A Constitutional Crisis;" Senate Intel Cmte. Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. Over Russia Probe, First Known Congressional Subpoena Of Pres. Trump's Children; CNN: Senate Intel Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr; Nadler: "We Are Now In A Constitutional Crisis"; Senate Intel Subpoenas Donald Trump Jr.; Schiff Subpoenas Barr For Counterintelligence Information From Russia Probe; Pres. Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report; Washington Post Legend Bob Woodward Reacts To Breaking News Of Barr Contempt Vote, WH Stonewalling And Trump Jr. Subpoena; Art Of The Deal Ghostwriter: Pres. Trump Is A "Sociopath" Whose Massive Business Losses Are Part Of A Pattern; Student Died Rushing Colorado School Shooter; Vigil For Colorado Victims; Colorado Student Died While Saving Others; Similar Pattern In Other School Shootings; AC360 Town Hall With Former FBI Director James Comey; Thursday Night At 8PM ET via Knit

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