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Pres. Trump Pledges Support For "Meaningful" Background Checks, Declares "There's Never Been A President Like President Trump"; CNN Exclusive Interview; The Photo In Question; Pres. Trump Gives Thumbs Up In Photo With El Paso Orphan; Father Of El Paso Shooting Victim Talks About Her Recovery; Father Of El Paso Shooting Victim Explains Why He Didn't Meet With President Trump; Father Of Shooting Victim Reacts To Pres. Trump Giving Thumbs Up In Photo With El Paso Orphan; Foreign Service Officer Explains Why He Resigned Over What He Says Was Pres. Trump's "Toxic Agenda"; Foreign Service Office Resigns Over Trump Administration Polices; Foreign Service Officer Blasts Pres. Trump's "Toxic Agenda" In Announcing Resignation"; Ex-Foreign Service Officer On Resignation: There Is No "Deep State," There's A "Complacent State"; Park: Trump Administration Showed "Naked, Unapologetic, Cruelty" With Child Separation; Sources: EPA Reversed Environmental Protections After Pres. Trump Meeting; EPA Dropped Salmon Protection After Pres. Trump Met With Alaska Governor; Sources: EPA Made Controversial Mine Decision After President Trump Meeting via Knit

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