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New Forecast: Storm Up To 13 Feet, Up To 40 Inches of Rain In Some Areas; New Forecast: Hurricane Florence On Track To Strike Carolinas, Packing Maximum Sustained Winds of 115 MPH Winds Right Now; Pres. Trump Already Boasts About "Tremendous Accolades"; For Florence; Stockpile Of Water in Puerto Rico Never Distributed, Despite Pres. Trump's Claim of "Incredible, Unsung Success" Woodward on "Nervous Breakdown" Of Executive Branch; Bob Woodward Responds To Eric Trump's Attack Interpreted Ad Some As Semitic Dog Whistle; Woodward: President Trump's Own Staff Trying To "Save" and "Protect" Country From Him; Woodward Dismisses Trump Officials' Non-Denial Denials; Woodward On How Many Interviews Were On Tape; Woodward: "Boxes Of Recordings And Documents" Support My Book; Trump Allies Keep Up Attacks; Woodward: Defense Secretary Mattis Had To Bluntly Explain To President About Preventing "World War III"; Woodward: Ex-Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Compared The Trump White House To A Nasty, Bloody Zoo Melee; Woodward: Pres. Trump's Lawyer joHN Down Concluded His Client Was A "F---ing Liar"; via Knit

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Pres. Trump: I Made Clear Today, A Wall Must Be Part Of DACA Deal; Top Dem Defies GOP, Releases Dossier Interview Testimony;Source: White House Preparing For Possible Staff Exodus;
January 9,