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Nunes: "We Have to Keep the Majority" to Protect Pres. Trump; Nunes: GOP "The Only Ones" WhoCan "Clear" Pres. Trump; Special Counsel's Office Cities "Ongoing Investigation" in Request to Keep Manafort Trial Discussion Secret; Mueller Request; Judge in Manafort Trials Tells Jurors He Was Wrong in Criticizing Prosecutors; First Lady's Parents Now U.S. Citizens, Use "Chain Migration" President Hates; Source: Rudy Giuliani Meeting With Pres. Trump at Golf Resort; Puerto Rico Govt. Admits Hurricane Maria Death Toll May Be Closer to 1,400; White Supremacists to March in Washington on Sunday; Spike Lee Connects Past to Present in New Film "BlacKkKlansman;" Lawmakers Asking for a Major Disaster Declaration via Knit

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