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CNN: Vindman Testified He Was Convinced Of Quid Pro Quo During A July 10 WH Meeting With Ukrainian Officials; CNN: Vindman Testified He Believed Pres. Trump Demanded Quid Pro Quo From Ukraine; Source: NSC Official Set To Testify Thursday, Will Leave Job Soon; Lawyers Says Bolton Will Not Appear Without Subpoena; House Rules Committee Advances Impeachment Inquiry Resolution; CNN: Vindman Believed Pres. Trump Personally Withheld Aid As A Way To Force Ukraine To Announce Probe Into Bidens; Anticipation Builds For Impeachment Vote, Thursday Testimony; Gold Star Father Khizr Khan Reacts To Pres. Trump Attacking White House Official, Decorated Soldier, As "Never Trumper"; Pentagon Releases First Images Of Al-Baghdadi Raid; Pentagon Releases First Image From Raid On ISIS Leader; Top 10 CNN Heroes Of 2019; Meet The Top 10 CNN Heroes Of 2019 via Knit

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