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Pres. Trump Accuses Dayton Mayor And Ohio Sen. Brown Of "Politicking" His Visit With Dayton Shooting Victims; Pres. Trump Slams Ohio Dems For "Misrepresenting" His Visit To Dayton Hospital; What Dems Said: Pres. Trump Was "Received Well"; Dayton Mayor: "Not Sure What The President Thinks Sen. Brown And I Misrepresented" During Visit; Dayton Mayor: Let's Hope Pres. Trump Is Not One Of These "All Talk, No Action" Politicians On Gun Control; President Trump Meets With El Paso Victims, First Responders; Undercuts Plea For Unity With Political Attacks Against Dems; Pres. Trump Talks About The "Love, The Respect" He Got While Visiting Shooting Victims, Doesn't Mention Protesters; Exclusive: White House Rebuffed Attempts By DHS To Make Combatting Domestic Terrorism A Higher Priority; Family Attorneys: El Paso Suspect's Mother Called Police Weeks Before Shooting Concerned About Her Son Owning A Gun; America Under Assault: The Gun Crisis via Knit

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