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Trump Ally Changes Testimony, Admits Ukraine Quid Pro Quo; Connolly: Pres. Trump's Defense Is "Crumbing"; Connolly: Secy. Pompeo "Turned The Other Way Pretending He Didn't Know Anything"; Connolly: Secy. Pompeo's Actions "Dishonorable" And "Cowardly"; Sondland Amends Testimony, Admits Telling Ukraine U.S. Aid Was Tied To Announcing Biden Investigation; First Results In Key Races That Test Pres. Trump In 2020; Early Results In Kentucky's Governor's Race; Trump's Ambassador: Pompeo Rolled His Eyes When Giuliani Was Mentioned, Said "It's Something We Have To Deal With"; GOP's Bevin Trailing In Kentucky Gubernatorial Race; GOP's Bevin Trailing In Kentucky Gubernatorial Race; President Trump Campaigned For Him Last Night via Knit

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Pres. Trump Claims No Collusion 16 Times in 1 Interview; Pres. Trump: I Have Absolute Right To Do What I Want To Do With The Justice Department; Pres. Trump: Mueller Will Treat Me Fairly; Most Of U.S. 20 To 40 Degrees Colder Than Usual On NYE
December 29, 2017