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AG Barr Fueling "Spy" Theories In Russia Probe; AG Barr Says Public School Know If Officials Put "Them On The Scale" In Russia Probe; Barr On Russia Probe: Some Explanations Don't "Hang Together;" Flynn Contacted GOP Mueller Critic While Cooperating With Special Counsel; Too Many Democratic Contenders For WH?; While Cooperating With Mueller, Flynn Sent Message To GOP Rep. Gaetz; Told Him To "Keep Pressure On;" What To Make Of Joe Biden's Early Lead Among Democrats; Biden Has Wide Early Lead Among Democratic Candidates; Is Field Too Large? Will Winner Have Less Money, Influence?; Undocumented Workers, Each With Story To Tell, Speak Out; 19 Undocumented Workers Each Say They Worked For Trump Organization Over The Years; China Strikes More Aggressive Tone Leave Talks With U.S. In Limbo; Inside Russia's And China's Secret Operations To Defeat America via Knit

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