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The President's Memory Fails Him; Landmark Week In Russia Probe; Senate Dems Want To Question Sessions Again; Campaign Aide Told Trump & Sessions About His Russia Contacts; Russia Cloud Hangs Over President's Asia Trip; Former DNC Chair Torches Clinton In New Book; DNC, Clinton Memo Comes To Light, Raises Questions On Primary; Clinton Campaign Manager Weighs In On DNC Rigging Allegations; WH Press Secy. Under Fire For Trouble With The Truth; No Prison Time For Bergdahl; Pres. Trump Calls It A "Disgrace"; Retired Navy Seal, Dog Handler On Sentencing Bergdahl via Knit

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Trump Admits Regret, Was $400-Million Sent to Iran Ransom?, Brazil: U.S. Swimmers Vandals..Not Victims
August 18, 2016

Trump Admits Regr