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Soon: Trump Returns To White House From Holiday Break; Kim Jong Un: American Continent Within Our Range; Trump: "We're Going To Have A Great 2018"; Trump: "More To Come: In 2018 After Tax Cuts, 10 Americans Killed In New Year's Eve Plane Crash; Out With The Old, In With The Cold; NYT: Trump Campaign "Coffee Boy" May Have Sparked Inquiry; Iranian President Calls Protests "Nothing"; 12 Dead In Iranian Demonstrations; Protesters Take To Streets For 5th Straight Day; Graham: Trump Needs To Lay Out New Iran Plan; WH 2018 Response To Iran & North Korea; Soon: Rose Bowl Kicks Off; Still In The Dark, Puerto Ricans Pray For Help In 2018; Governor: 45% Still Without Power; Politics, Extreme Weather, 'The Royals' To Make Headlines; Democrats Focused On Midterm Takeover; La Nina May Bring Heat, Rain, Active Hurricane Season; A Royal Wedding, Baby, And Birthday Milestone; All Eyes On North Korea Nuclear Threat; Winter Olympics; FIFA World Cup Take World Stage; Major Changed Expected In Nation's Health Care System; Tax Code Changes Go Into Effect This Year; Georgia And Oklahoma Battle In The Rose Bowl; Feathered Intruder Prompts Mid-Flight U-turn; via Knit

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