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Witnesses: Hold On Ukraine Aid Came From Mulvaney; Bolton Atty.: He Has "Relevant" Info Not Yet Disclosed; Bolton's Lawyer Says He Has Information On Ukraine Meetings But He Won't Testify Until Court Resolves Subpoena Question; Witnesses: Quid Pro Quo Connected To Mulvaney; Lawyer: Bolton Has "Relevant Information On Ukraine That Hasn't Been Disclosed; Pres. Trump's Reaction To Impeachment Testimony; Would Mulvaney Have Acted On His Own?; WH Officials Testify Trump Chief Of Staff Mulvaney Coordinated Ukraine Quid Pro Quo; WH Official Testified "No Doubt" Pres. Trump Asked Ukraine To Probe Biden In Exchanged For Meeting; Michael Bloomberg Files To Run In A 2020 Dem Primary; Michael Bloomberg Files For Alabama Dem Primary; Will Also File For Arkansas Primary By Tuesday; Suburban Women On The 2020 Race; How Suburban Woman See The 2020 Vote; Will Suburban Voters Elevate Democrats In 2020 Election? via Knit

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