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Pres. Trump Says He Didn't Know His Attorney Paid $130,000 To Stormy Daniels; Stormy Daniels Lawyer: Look Forward To Testing Pres. Trump's "Feigned Lack Of Knowledge " Of Hush Deal Under Oath; Stormy Daniels Lawyer After Pres. Trump's Comments: "Our Case Just Got That Much Better"; Sources: Trump Floated Replacing Sessions With Pruitt Despite Scandals; Sources: Trump Floated Replacing Sessions With Pruitt; President Now Says He Does Not Want To Make The Switch; Texas Border Sheriff Says National Guard Troops May Not Help; Pres. Trump Says He May Send "2,000 To 4,000" National Guard Troops To The Border; Former AZ Sheriff Approves Of National Guard Troops On Border; Russian State media Reports Caravan Of Buses Carrying Expelled U.S. Diplomats Left U.S. Embassy In Moscow; via Knit

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