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The Impeachment Inquiry Inquiry; White House Not Backing Down In Battle With Dems; House Dems Subpoena Former Trump Advisor Hope Hicks And Ex-Chief Of Staff To White House Counsel McGahn; Wash. Post: Draft IRS Memo Says Pres. Trump's Tax Returns Must Be Given To Congress Unless He Invokes Executive Privilege; Sources: Mueller's Team Wary Of Special Counsel Testifying Publicly; Sources: Mueller Does Not Want To Appear Political; What HUD Secretary Ben Carson Had To Say About Cookies; Asked About Foreclosures, HUD Secretary Carson Hears "Oreos"; Lawmaker Asks HUD Secretary Carson About Foreclosure Properties, He Thought She Was Talking About Oreos; New Poll On 2020 Democratic Presidential Race; CNN Town Hall With Beto O'Rourke At 10PM ET via Knit

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