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Pres. Trump Expelling 60 Russian Diplomats; Stormy Daniels Suing Trump's Lawyer For Defamation; Stormy Daniels: I Am Taking A Big Risk Speaking Out; Stormy Daniels: I 100% Want To Set The Record Straight; Stormy Daniels: I Had Unprotected Sex With Trump In 2006; Former FEC Chairman: Money To Stormy Daniels Could Be Seen As A Contribution To Benefit The Trump Campaign; Stormy Daniels' Atty: "My Client Is Credible, She's Telling The Truth;" Former FEC Chairman: Special Counsel Could Investigate Payment To Stormy Daniels, That's The "Wildcard;" Wash Post: Pres. Trump Asking Confidants If Stormy Daniels Allegations Are Hurting His Poll Numbers; via Knit

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