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Source: Pres. Trump Pressured Ukraine's President In July Phone Call To Investigate Joe Biden's Son; WSJ: Pres. Trump Urged Ukraine's President About Eight Times To Work With Giuliani To Investigate Biden's Son; Rep. Connolly: The Only Remedy Is "Impeachment"; U.S. To Send Troops, Equipment To Saudi Arabia; U.S. To Send Troops, Equipment To Saudi Arabia As Pres. Trump Announces New Iran Sanctions Following Oil Field Attack; Biden Reacts To Pres. Trump-Ukraine Reports; Biden Fires Back At Trump After new Reports President Asked Ukraine's President To Investigate Biden's Son; Sudden Uptick In Rivals Attacking Biden And Warren; NYC Mayor De Blasio Drops Out Of Race; SUV Plows Through Mall; Driver Arrested; Two Dads: "This Is How It Should Be"; "It's Kinda A Shame" This Video Went Viral via Knit

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Pres. Trump Claims No Collusion 16 Times in 1 Interview; Pres. Trump: I Have Absolute Right To Do What I Want To Do With The Justice Department; Pres. Trump: Mueller Will Treat Me Fairly; Most Of U.S. 20 To 40 Degrees Colder Than Usual On NYE
December 29, 2017